Today, many representatives of Ukrainian business are interested in the opportunity to open their own business abroad. Some are looking for ways to expand their markets, others are seeking to protect their capital and enterprises from raider seizures. It’s no secret that legal work in Poland or any other EU country allows you to earn much more than at home. However, it is quite difficult to adapt one’s activities to the legislation of a foreign country. In this situation, legal support provided by UkrEuroLex to legal entities and private entrepreneurs is the key to successful work abroad.

Our experienced lawyers will help you choose the best form of entrepreneurial activity, open an enterprise abroad or buy a ready-made company, take on the registration of economic activities in any European state.

One of the most popular UkrEuroLex services is the registration of a company in Poland, which is not only territorially close, but also understandable to Ukrainians, so it is easy to create your business from scratch. Foreign residents in this country have the right to engage in any legitimate business.

Our specialists provide their clients with all services related to the legalization of business abroad, including:

  • registration of the established company in state bodies, obtaining of various licenses, if they are necessary;
  • representation of clients’ interests in negotiations with partners;
  • doing business remotely;
  • observance of legal norms of employment abroad of citizens of Ukraine;
  • accounting support, which includes keeping records according to national norms, assistance in opening bank accounts, making authorized capital on behalf of the founders.

We are ready to help you in writing business plans, charters and constituent contracts. Consultations of our professionals will help entrepreneurs to obtain reliable information about the company they buy, to orient themselves in the nuances of taxation abroad, to obtain subsidies for investment projects.

If you plan not only to open your business outside of Ukraine, but also to invite compatriots to work, you should be aware that for many people working abroad without knowledge of the language can be fraught with certain difficulties. By signing an official agreement with lawyers and lawyers of UkrEuroLex, you can count on an individual approach, effective protection in any disputed situations, representation in courts, information support when applying for work abroad under a contract permits or residence permit.

Our company unites professionals who have worked for many years in various areas of law. Turning to us, you will avoid or minimize the various risks that inevitably arise when doing business in a foreign country. Trust us with your problems, in order to fully devote yourself to the development of a new business abroad.

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