Regardless of the sphere of activity – production, trade or rendering of services- any business needs qualitative legal support. This is especially true in conditions when the legislative base in Ukraine is still far from perfect and we are only overcoming corruption among officials of all ranks. UkrEuroLex specialists provide legal support both for work abroad under the contract, and for legal entities and private entrepreneurs in Ukraine. If necessary, we defend the interests of the client in the courtroom.

Qualified lawyers are a reliable shield to guard your interests!

The list of services includes

  • Conclusions of scientific and pedagogical workers
    Often in order to defend the interests of the client, the conclusion of a specialized specialist is required. UkrEuroLex lawyers will help you to quickly obtain the necessary document, designed in accordance with all requirements.
  • Calling and departure of a lawyer to the office
    It’s not always possible to visit our office, but this is not a problem. Our specialists will arrive on call to your office as quickly as possible. Do not doubt – we will not ignore any call.
  • Full legal support of economic activities
    Almost always economic activity requires legal support. We will provide this support at any stage.
  • Registration and termination of registration of business entities
    Correctly drawn up and issued package of documents ensures that the registration will take place without delays and bureaucratic red tape. Use our services – and you’ll be surprised how quickly you can register a business entity. The same is true with respect to the termination of registration. Eliminate the subject according to the legal framework and exclude unpleasant surprises in the future, you can with the help of our experts.
  • Development and support of the process of concluding and executing contracts of any complexity
    Correctly drawn up contract, defending the interests of all parties – insurance against unpleasant excesses that can occur with every subject of economic activity. Rich practice allows us to consider all the nuances that will be taken into account when drafting the document. UkrEuroLex experts will provide legal support at any stage: from participation in preliminary negotiations to the registration of the contract with a notary. An indispensable condition is the control over the execution of all points.
  • Development of local acts
    It is important to write legally competently any document, even intended for internal use. It does not matter what it will be: a collective agreement, job description or a management order – our experts will compose any normative act not only correctly, but also quickly.
  • Representation of interests
    Who can better defend your interests in judicial, fiscal or law enforcement agencies than an experienced lawyer? No matter what problem you need to resolve, UkrEuroLex specialists can do anything.
  • Oral and written legal advice
    Even if you need a one-time consultation, we are ready to help. Consultations of any complexity – from oral explanation of legal norms to written conclusions regarding aspects of the current situation.
  • Lawyer’s conclusion
    If an expert evaluation was required in writing, we are ready to provide such a document. No matter, you are interested in legal work in Poland or you are going to conduct business in the territory of Ukraine: the document will be drawn up in accordance with the requirements of the institution to which it must be submitted.

Qualitative legal support while working abroad or doing business in Ukraine – your reinsurance against unpleasant surprises. Having problems in the legal field? Contact our experts – we will solve any!

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