Greece, as a member of the European Union, does not lose attractiveness in terms of labor migration. Legal work in Greece is paid for by European tariffs, which means that there is an opportunity to make good money here. But Greece has one undeniable advantage compared to the rest of the Eurozone countries – a climate that is ideal for rest. Jobs in Greece for couples – an excellent opportunity to combine earnings with a visit to historic sites, magnificent beaches and places of entertainment.

Naturally, everyone who is interested in working in Greece without intermediaries in 2017, cannot do without qualified legal support. Experienced UkrEuroLex specialists will provide legal assistance in any matter.

The list of services includes:

  • Assistance in obtaining a work permit
    This document is valid for one year. To get it, you need to collect a lot of references and fill out a few applications. With the help of our specialists, you will quickly form the necessary package of documents and correctly fill out all forms that will speed up the process of your employment abroad.
  • Assistance in issuing a passport
    Lawyers UkrEuroLex will assist in obtaining a regular or biometric passport. If a document is needed urgently, the term of its execution will not exceed seven days.
  • Assistance in collecting the necessary accompanying documents
    This includes proof of the existence of a guaranteed place of residence, an insurance policy, a certificate of availability of guaranteed funds, and a certificate of good conduct. Without these documents, the process of obtaining a visa can be delayed for an unlimited period.
  • Preparation for an interview at the Embassy of Greece
    Legal work in Greece for Ukrainians requires a visa. To get it, in addition to collecting documents, you will need to pass an interview. Our experts will advise you on the most frequently asked questions and the correct answers to them, as well as on how to make a favorable impression on the Greek diplomats. So, you are guaranteed to get a visa that will be your next step for working abroad under a contract!
  • Assistance in obtaining refugee status
    Perhaps you want to stay in Greece forever. The first step to this is refugee status, which our experts will be able to get without delays and tedious bureaucratic red tape.
  • Support in appellate and cassation courts
    Have you already tried to find a legal job in Greece without intermediaries, but have been refused a visa? It’s not a problem! If you do not have a criminal record in the territory of the European Union, then there are no objective reasons to refuse to try again to find a job abroad. Our experts will help to prepare documents for filing an appeal or cassation complaint about the refusal to issue a visa and other documents, as well as defend your interests in the courtroom.
  • Preparation of documents for moving to permanent residence in Greece
    The receipt of a residence permit, insurance policy and other important documents will be significantly accelerated if qualified lawyers from UkrEuroLex are brought to work.
  • Demanding deportation materials, including in court
    If you have already experienced unpleasant excesses in Greece or another EU country, sometimes supporting documents may be required. Our lawyers will help to get them.
  • Assistance in opening a business
    Work in Greece for Ukrainians without intermediaries is not the only way to earn money. Own business in Greece will open up new horizons for you. And to guarantee the registration of the object of economic activity, use the legal support of UkrEuroLex lawyers!
  • Preparation of documents for investment activities
    Real estate in Greece is a reliable investment that will pay for itself much faster than real estate in Ukraine. We will help you to choose other areas for investment, as well as to issue the necessary package of documents.
  • Accompanying “on turn-key” commercial transactions
    Any business is connected with certain risks. In order to protect yourself as much as possible, use the services of qualified attorneys.
  • Apostille, notarization of documents
    And also, translation of all necessary materials not only into Greek / Ukrainian, but also any other language that is public for the EU country you are interested in.
  • Support for applicants wishing to study in Greece
    Diplomas of Greek universities are quoted not only in Europe, but also across the ocean. Quality education increases your chances of getting a well-paid job abroad without intermediaries. We will provide legal assistance at any stage: from the collection of documents to the interview with the admission committee.

We do not specify the cost of services, because each situation is unique and requires an individual approach. But have no doubt: with the help of specialists UkrEuroLex your dream of finding a job in Greece is guaranteed to get a clear form! Contact our representative right now – and soon you will find yourself in one of the most beautiful countries of the world!

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