UkrEuroLex’s lawyers provide comprehensive support for studding in Greece to Ukrainian citizens. We will help you with the choice of the university, the collection and registration of all necessary documents, coordination of organizational matters. We provide full legal support for studding for the entire period of stay in the country.

Why is Greece so attractive in terms of study? First of all, because in public universities education is absolutely free for foreigners. Even accommodation in hostels and meals will be paid.

Admission to Greek universities is carried out on the basis of a general competition of certificates. Examinations are not required, as well as knowing the Greek language. Documents are submitted remotely, you do not need to come personally for this.

UkrEuroLex helps you choose the university according to your wishes and assessments from more than 600 existing faculties. Here you can master a variety of specialties in the field:

  • Humanities, law and social sciences

  • Exact sciences

  • health care

  • technical sciences

  • economics and Management

At the same time, Greek diplomas are quoted all over the world.

What you are guaranteed when studying in Greece:

  • free room in the hostel or subsidy for living;
  • Free three meals a day;
  • free medical insurance and services;
  • preferential travel in local public transport;
  • all necessary educational literature;
  • grants and scholarships from the university with good academic performance;
  • free subscription, which allows to use libraries, sports centers, visit archaeological and historical sights of the country;
  • Participation in internship programs in EU countries during their studies;
  • Permission for work.

Convenient centralized application system, existing in Greece, relieves the applicants from the need to apply to each institution separately. You can submit the documents in the general order and then choose the faculty depending on the situation that is developing.

The first year in the country you are given exclusively to study the Greek language. In this case, your place in the faculty is reserved, and you occupy it after passing the language exam.
Form of education in Greece is full-time, but attendance is free. The education system is flexible and does not limit the number of subjects passed. Therefore, even without passing any, you have the right to multiple repasses without losing the course program. In addition, during the first year of study, you can change the faculty, if you realized that you have incorrectly chosen a specialty.

With the support of qualified lawyers from UkrEuroLex, you will receive a full-fledged European diploma after completing the training program, and for the duration of your studies – a student residence permit granting the right to travel freely, without visas, within Europe. In addition, you are given the right to work legally in Greece during your studies, as well as to study in European companies as part of student exchange programs.

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