Today employment abroad attracts millions of people. Unstable economic situation, low wages and lack of jobs force both men and women to seek work abroad under a contract. But for the most part of the population this remains an impossible dream – potential migrant workers, not knowing the laws of another’s state, are afraid of becoming victims of scammers and do not want to take risks.

Finding a job abroad without intermediaries is a difficult task if you are new to this business. Perfectly understanding this, our law firm UkrEuroLex is ready not only to facilitate the legal employment of Ukrainians abroad, but also to advise them on all emerging issues, striving to provide our citizens with a comfortable and safe stay in the chosen European country.

Our services include:

  • Employment of the client, taking into account his capabilities and wishes
    We will not leave you alone with the whole complex of problems associated with the move to work abroad. By signing an official contract with our company, you can count on help in preparing a professional resume, selecting vacancies, getting an invitation from employers.
  • Qualified assistance in preparing a package of documents
    Experienced lawyers of the company will help to fill out questionnaires for obtaining a work visa and will undertake the preparation of all documentation for the visa center, and also will prompt you how to arrange medical insurance.
  • Comprehensive assistance on the stages of preparation for departure abroad and legal support for the whole period of work

If you do not have relatives or friends in the country where you are going to work, our specialists will provide transportation to the place of employment, help to find accommodation and arrange documents for its rent.

The best option for working abroad for Ukrainians in 2017 is finding employment in Poland. Neighborhood with Ukraine, an understandable language, similar cultural traditions contribute to this maximally. Today, Poland is experiencing a shortage of labor force, and there are a variety of vacancies in the labor market for both unskilled workers and professionals with a narrow specialization.

It is quite easy to find work abroad for men. Poland is ready to offer Ukrainians a variety of employment options with an average wage of 8-10 zł per hour. The work of the driver for long distances in Poland is paid higher because it has its risks. Men are gladly taken as builders and handymen for various construction projects, are invited as cooks and waiters to work in Polish restaurants. If you are looking for legal work in Poland without intermediaries, we recommend that you seek advice from our company so that you do not fall into the hands of unscrupulous employers.

Work abroad for women is no less diverse. Employees of the company UkrEuroLex can offer their clients vacancies for nurses, maids, nannies in families with children, assistant chefs or women workers at various enterprises. Legal work in Poland for women can also be seasonal. In the summer-autumn period many farms need helpers to collect fruits and vegetables. This is an excellent opportunity for a couple working abroad. In spring, work in Poland for married couples will also be found – farmers invite everyone to prepare fields, planting seedlings for the future harvest.

Find a job in Poland without intermediaries in 2017 is easier than 2-3 years ago. However, attempts to formalize a contract with an employer independently often end unsuccessfully. The applicant risks losing personal funds and staying in a foreign country without legal support and maintenance. Work for Ukrainians in Poland without intermediaries is most often obtained by acquaintance, in other cases it is more reasonable to seek the help of UkrEuroLex professionals.

Legal work in Poland for Ukrainians – it is an opportunity not only to improve their financial situation, but also to change their lives in the future. Having worked legally in the country for 2 years, you will be able to obtain a residence permit. However, it is rather difficult to understand independently all the nuances of the Polish legislation. Our experienced attorneys will help you to avoid many risks, defend your claims in disputes with the employer, if necessary, represent your interests in court.

About how important the legal assistance of UkrEuroLex specialists can be, you can find out by reading reviews about working in Poland at forums where people who use the services of our company communicate.

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