One of the priority directions of activity of the company UkrEuroLex is providing of comprehensive legal services to individuals in Ukraine and support of private entrepreneurs. We live in a civil and legal society where one cannot do without a competent lawyer’s advice. Knowledge of laws, control over their timely and comprehensive implementation, ensuring observance of rights- all these are in our time extremely important moments that are designed to provide you with a full and comfortable life. If you are unable to resolve the problems by yourself, but you need to solve the situation – apply for legal support and assistance to UkrEuroLex.

The list of our services

  • Verbal and written legal advice
    We will orient you in the current situation from a legal point of view, help you to assess the prospects and consequences of certain actions. Having received such advice, you can avoid potential problems, or if the problem has already taken place, make a step towards its solution.
  • Lawyer’s request
    Type of legal assistance consisting in the written application of your lawyer to state bodies, to enterprises or organizations of any form of ownership, to local government bodies, other instances or to officials. Both information and copies of documents needed to protect the client can be requested.
  • The call and departure of a lawyer to the place
    If it is required to consult a lawyer including an urgent one, with on-site visit, it is not recommended to postpone the call. The sooner the lawyer proceeds to the case, the more effective the defense will be and the outcome of the case will be more advantageous. The service is provided round the clock.
  • Civil disputes
    Assistance in resolving conflict situations between individuals. This can be property, housing, land, inheritance, pension, medical and other disputes, in which we will provide legal assistance and help resolve them in your favor.
  • Family disputes
    Will provide legal assistance in family disputes concerning divorce, rights to the children and determining the order of communication with them, division of property, the recovery of maintenance, contesting paternity, limit, deprivation or restoration of parental rights, and so on. Mediation in negotiations, representation in court, consultation.
  • Administrative court proceedings
    Preparation and assistance in the consideration of complaints against the actions of government bodies, administrative authorities and officials. Representation and protection of your interests in administrative courts.
  • Cases of administrative violations
    Legal assistance in this area consists in examining documents and assessing the prospects of the case, determining its strategy, collecting evidence for the court, calling and interviewing of the witnesses, monitoring of procedural violations, appealing court decisions and comprehensive protection of the client.
  • Representation of client’s interests in judicial bodies
    Range of legal services to defend the client’s interests in courts in the resolution of economic, civil and other disputes. Consultation, assistance in obtaining the necessary documents, the collection of the necessary information, the pre-trial services, litigation, legal expertise, and so on.
  • Representation of client’s interests in law enforcement bodies
    It will help you to protect yourself from injustice and lawlessness, violation of your rights, not to ruin your destiny and life. It is carried out irrespective of the status of the client. It includes the study of the intentions of the investigation, the search for evidence, legal assistance, representation of the client’s interests and other necessary moments.
  • Legal conclusion of a lawyer
    Independent and professional assessment by the lawyer of the arising litigation or the subtleties of the concluded contract. Familiarization with the case materials, legal assessment of the situation, departure to court, legal conclusion with specific recommendations for improving your situation (possible in the form of a detailed written answer to your question).
  • Conclusion of scientific and pedagogical workers
    Written or verbal detailed conclusion, comprehensively analyzing your problem and offering specific recommendations on its optimal resolution for you.
  • Attorney’s participation in negotiations with realtors, banks, construction companies, etc., legal analysis of documents
    Legal audit, verification of contracts and other documentation and their legal analysis, settlement of disputes, full representation of your interests in negotiations, and, if necessary, in court.
  • Development and support of the process of concluding and executing of contracts of any kind and complexity
    Participation of a lawyer in negotiations, representation of the client’s interests in concluding contracts, support for the process of concluding contracts, including with a notary (checking real estate, availability of bans, etc.), control over the implementation of the contract.

These are just some of the services we can provide to you when the need arises. UkrEuroLex – your trusted legal partner and protector. Contact us for any questions and get all our knowledge and experience at your disposal.

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