Working abroad is a great way to improve your financial situation in a short time: the level of wages there is much higher than in Ukraine. However, illegal labor migration is associated with certain risks, including deportation and prohibition of entry into the country. One of the core activities of UkrEuroLex is the legal support of legal work in Poland for Ukrainians, which includes assistance in preparing the required package of documents and legal support at any stage.

Legal work in Poland with the support of UkrEuroLex is not only profitable, but also safe!

What can we offer you:

  • Accompanying the process of obtaining passports
    We will help you get a regular or biometric passport, equipped with an electrical chip, in any department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs (OVIR). The standard procedure of registration will take 20 working days, urgent registration – not more than seven working days.
  • Urgent registration in the visa center for all types of visas
    To obtain a visa, embassies of different countries require packages of documents that can differ significantly. On their list affects, among other things, the purpose of your visit to another state. We will consult on the proper execution of documents for working abroad under a contract (considering the requirements of the embassy), we will translate all the necessary references. We will assist in filing a package of documents, and if necessary – in the preparation of insurance.
  • Filling out the questionnaires
    Improper filling of forms, damage of forms – the extra amount of time and cause of discontent in the embassy. UkrEuroLex specialists will help you quickly fill out the documents required for employment abroad, according to all regulatory requirements.
  • Insurance
    Registration of a basic medical policy or a full package, including additional options. Be sure: in case of unforeseen circumstances, you do not have to spend your own savings – all costs will be incurred by the insurance company.
  • Search in archival institutions for their own roots and family relations with foreigners
    Family ties can facilitate the process of issuing documents for working abroad for a couple and even for going to a permanent place of residence. Working with archives is a painstaking activity, but we are ready to help you in this matter.
  • Judicial establishment of the facts of kinship relations
    Family ties may need to be proven in court. And who better protect your interests in the justice hall if not qualified UkrEuroLex lawyers?
  • Accompanying the process of obtaining a Pole’s card
    This document, confirming belonging to the Polish people, gives a significant advantage to the owner, but it is not so easy to get it. We will advise you in detail, what kind of training should be conducted and how to behave properly during the interview.
  • Accompanying the registration of a household card in Poland for three years
    The residence permit certifies the identity of the person who went to work legally in Poland without intermediaries, the right to legal stay in the country for more than 90 days and the right to cross the state border. This document is required if you start or continue to work or study in Poland on a permanent basis. Depending on the purpose of your long-term stay in Poland, we will help you to quickly complete the entire package of necessary documents.
  • Invitations for business and work (semi-annual, annual, voivodeship)
    To obtain a work visa, you will need an invitation from the employer or business partner. If you do not have any contacts with employers yet, but work abroad for Ukrainians in 2017 is urgent, we will help you to get an invitation from intermediary firms cooperating with Polish recruitment agencies with minimal risks for you.
  • Admission to higher educational institutions in Poland
    Before those who are interested in high-quality European education at prices more affordable than the average for the Schengen zone, the best educational institutions in Poland hospitably open their doors. Legal support from UkrEuroLex at any stage, starting with the collection of documents, is your guarantee to become a student of one of them.
  • Certificate of criminal record in Poland
    The so-called “Certificate of Good Behavior”. Our specialists will ask for this certificate by stamping the apostille, without the need for notarization, which reduces the client’s expenses. This is important, because in many industries require such a certificate, and its validity is six months.
  • Registration of documents for assistance Powrot na ojczyznu.
    Working abroad without intermediaries sometimes does not exclude the receipt of material assistance from the Polish authorities. Our specialists will consider all possibilities in relation to your situation.
  • Execution of child benefit (Program 500+) in Poland
    From April 1, 2016, even foreigners on permanent or temporary stay can receive a benefit of PLN 500 for a second child. The procedure for execution of documents and filing an application is greatly simplified when the lawyers of UkrEuroLex are brought to work.
  • Opening of enterprises (firms), registration of entrepreneurial activity abroad
    Do you want to open your business abroad? As an entrepreneur, you are undoubtedly already aware of the bureaucratic red tape that awaits you in Ukraine. The registration procedure in Poland is no less strict, and one cannot do without the help of experts.
  • Legal and accounting support of business activities abroad
    Your business is already firmly on its feet, and it needs quality support? Services of the European level at Ukrainian prices – this is possible only with UkrEuroLex!

It does not matter what goals you set for yourself. With the high-quality legal support of our specialists, it will be much easier to achieve them. Time is money, so contact our representative right now. The earlier you get a job abroad without intermediaries – the more you can earn!

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