Qualitative, unbiased assessment, performed by outside experts, often serves as a strong argument in defending their own interests, including in the courtroom. Our company, in addition to issues of legal support for employment abroad, also provides assistance to citizens of Ukraine in the field of expert evaluation. Need an urgent expertise?

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The list of services includes:

  • Valuation for payment of taxes and payment of other mandatory payments in accordance with the current legislation
    No one is immune from mistakes, including the tax inspection. If you have a suspicion that you are overpaying the tax fee or the amount of other mandatory payments for you is overstated, UkrEuroLex experts will conduct an examination that will help establish the correct amount of fees.
  • Valuation of real estate objects
    Authorized bodies do not always remain unbiased, so they can change the market value of the property to either increase or decrease. We will help to determine the real cost of any object – residential, commercial, retail, warehouse and land.
  • Evaluation of vehicles
    We quickly and correctly assess the technique of any destination: cars and trucks, buses and minibuses, trailers and semi-trailers, tractors, combines, as well as other agricultural, construction or forestry equipment, including hinged and trailed units.
  • Autoexamination after an accident
    Insurance companies almost always underestimate the amount of damage after an accident to pay compensation of a smaller size. We will establish the real size of the damage and help you to defend your legal rights.
  • Evaluation of equipment
    We estimate machines, crane beams, test benches and any other equipment of industrial, agricultural, construction and other purposes.
  • Assessment of farm animals and goods
    We give an expert opinion on the cost and condition of cows, goats, sheep, pigs, horses and any other farm animals, as well as birds, including exotic ones – for example, ostriches. Assess the state of the future harvest and gardens.
  • Assessment of material damage
    After a fire or an accident, it is not always possible to obtain adequate compensation: insurance companies deliberately underestimate the damage in order to save on the compensation you owe. Our specialists are ready to assess the degree of damage to the apartment or private house, as well as any buildings for commercial, warehouse, production and other purposes.

Do not let yourself be deceived by unscrupulous appraisers! Order an unbiased evaluation! UkrEuroLex lawyers will arrive at the call at any time convenient for you, and the assessment procedure will be performed in a high-quality and prompt manner.

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